Developing smart trade expressions from a mature understanding of distinctive local market drivers.

Vanhau Asset Management will adopt an approach which amalgamates macro fundamentals with new-age quantitative analytics to create liquid trade ideas in Currencies & Rates across a few themes. Equities, Commodities & Credit will comprise a minor portion of the portfolio, to the extent, they are macro expressions. The fund will invest in robust risk management systems and develop bespoke frameworks to manage risk pro-actively.

Macro Opportunity

The high level of sensitivity of markets, to small changes in interest rates, is posing important macro challenges to policy makers globally. The unfolding of the failed growth model of China and a new growth revolution in India are historic macro opportunities. Lastly, the growing savings pool and the deepening market architecture in Asia will drive increased asset allocation to Asia, creating significant macro avenues.

What Differentiates Us

A rich pedigree in trading Asian Currency & Interest rate markets with an added expertise of India & China and a strong institutional framework built on the safeguards of robust governance are some key differentiators of Vanhau Asset Management.